Digital Radiology (X-rays)

X-rays can be very beneficial in diagnosing and monitoring many medical and surgical conditions. Our clinic utilizes a digital table top x-ray machine and a digital dental radiology. This equipment give us the ability to take very detailed, high quality radiographs quickly with lower amounts of radiation exposure to your pet. ┬áDigital radiology also allows us to easily send your pet’s radiograph to a veterinary specialist for a consultation, if necessary.

The digital radiograph helps us evaluate the bones for fractures, growth and developmental problems, arthritis, and cancer. Soft tissues can be evaluated for tumors, heart and lung disease, changes in organ size or shape, the presence of abnormal air or fluid, and foreign bodies such as coins, fish hooks, string, and golf balls. Some dental conditions that can be diagnosed with digital dental x-rays are tooth root abscesses, retained or impacted teeth, fractured teeth and tooth roots, jaw fractures, and bone infections or cancer.