House Call Services

   Dearborn Animal Clinic


  House call  – $50.00

         Services available:

Microchipping (HomeAgain)
Microchip Registration
Bloodwork- will be drawn on site and sent to lab.
Transport pet back to clinic if necessary
Euthanasia, after life choices are available. Additional fee applies.

Minimum charge of $75.00 for visit
  **No vaccinations will be administered without an exam** 

              **Feline Vaccinations**               

Rabies Vaccination

Feline distemper / Chlamydia Vaccination

Feline Leukemia Vaccination

Felv / Fiv / HW Test

  **Canine Vaccinations** 

Rabies Vaccination 1 yr

Rabies Vaccination 2 yr

Distemper – Parvo 1 yr Vaccination

Distemper – Parvo 2 yr Vaccination

Tracheobronchitis Vaccination- (aka- Bordetella , or kennel Cough Vaccination)

Heartworm Test

**Flea Prevention & Heartworm Prevention Available**

         Please let us know to bring these products, as we do not keep stock in our practice vehicle.