Pet Surgery

If your pet’s condition warrants surgery, we will take every precaution necessary to ensure a safe and uneventful procedure.   Dearborn Animal Clinic high recommends pre-surgical blood work and can perform most diagnostic laboratory tests in-house the same day.   This allows us to identify potential risk factors such as liver and kidney disease or bleeding disorders and allows us to make any adjustments to our anesthetic and surgery protocols.  Each pet receives appropriate pre-surgical pain medications and prior to anesthesia. Your pet’s anesthesia is monitored closely by our technical team and veterinary anesthetic monitors. Our surgeons wear a cap, mask, gloves and a gown in the surgery room and only use sterilized surgical equipment, the same as if you were to have surgery at human hospital.  In most cases your pet will receive pain medication after the procedure, so that they can comfortably recover faster, with minimal discomfort, and return to their normal routine at home sooner.